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As a human being, growing up most of us are taught to be competitive, to be the winner, to be the best, to know everything, to be better than others, to have more than the next one, to have the biggest house, drive the smartest car and so on. 

There is nothing wrong with having inspirations and dreams but being driven to the hilt with this kind of upbringing can be and is most often disastrous to ourselves. It leads to us becoming self-righteous, narcissistic and self-centred. You always want to be right! Most of us are not taught to have a balance and how to handle this. 

To be right gives us a sense of security, belonging or pride

It is not serving you to be right! – so what if you are. 

Everything in life should stem from being grateful. If you come from a point of gratitude then you will know how to give and more importantly, how to receive. If you do not know how to receive then you do not know how to be grateful and chances are you become greedy, ungrateful or even spoilt. This easily leads to a feeling of superiority and this is not serving you on your path to be an authentic human being. 

Our fundamental core of being human is to belong, to be accepted, to be acknowledged and to be loved. My opinion is that this is a problem with humanity. If we had this in reverse, the world would be the most amazing place. If we could reverse our core of being human to be that we give love, show acceptance, give acknowledgement, show up and provide for each other, then the world as we know it would change forever. 

Why are we like this?

This all started way back when we were still in the development phase as humans. When our brains became more conscious of our instincts and when we started getting conflicting instructions from our emotions. We reacted to this by getting angry, defensive and BANG, born is our need to be right! – the rest is history, just look at the state of the world today!

All the characteristics that we developed over millennia as part of being a human being are:

Birth, Growth, Emotion, Aspiration, Conflict and Mortality. 

These characteristics can all be linked to the human mind and how it relates to the being. There is the physical (body) | the non-physical (mind) | the metaphysical (spirit). These three parts are what makes us human beings. How we developed over time impacted each of us on a cellular basis. Massive research has been done by scientists regarding this like, Dr Bruce Lipton – as well and each cell in our body also carries memory from the cells from our parents and their parents and their parents etc. and so on. 

It is, therefore, reasonable that we ask the question of why we behave like this? And the answer is because of the egoistic belief systems we created from our past. 

Can we change our behaviour?

I believe we can! The past is what it is, the past, and you cannot change that. 

It will not be easy. It is not easy changing your belief systems. However, it is effortless to create NEW ones that will assist you with living in the now. This is the secret to many things in life. Stop being stuck in your past and get into the present. 

Life happens in the present and being right will not make you experience being in the moment, because, to be right, you have to come from your past. To be right, you are trying to prove something you experienced in your past. 

Therefore, you cannot be in the moment when you are trying to be right and it does not serve you to live in the past!

What can we experience from being in the moment?

By being truly in the moment we experience absolute peace. It can give you tremendous power to focus on what you are doing in the present. You will experience true power from within and you will discover what it is just to be. 

There is no need to be right, there simply just is! Everything is just what it is and so is everything else. Events just happen and by accepting this, you will become free from the stronghold you created for yourself that imprisoned you all your life. You will just be, just experience life and feel so much lighter. 

Remember that everything we do is from a manifestation and experience from our past. How we react and behave, the things we say or do in the now is because of our past. It was just an event, but we as humans must attach emotions, judgements, opinions, explanations and so on onto it. Instead of just accepting that it was just an event, “no”, we must attach all those things to it. The result is we live from our past. If we accept the event and move on, the next event becomes just that, just another event. 

There is no right or wrong

Some people will disagree with this statement. If we look at this based on the observations I address in this article and in some of my other blog articles ~ ~ you will notice that the art of living in the now is by accepting what is. If we do this then we accept that there is no right or wrong, but simply our opinion of it. We as a society created the concept of right or wrong. We made it right to do this and wrong to do that. 

If we had rather come up with being willing to accept certain behaviours and not others, then we are actively contributing to a workable situation. By making something right or wrong, we remove other growth possibilities for something to be more or less than what it was made to be. 

So, there you have it. This is my take on us not making things right or wrong, but rather making a behavioural change that requires creating new belief systems that will assist you with living in the now and by accepting what is!

I am grateful to you for taking the time to read my article. Thank you.


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