To explain this statement we need to look at some points of view I have before I can discuss it. 

Before anything came into existence, there was just dark matter. Everything was created from Spirit Matter. An Energy higher than us, and still connected to us. Call it what you like, God, Allah, Buddha…. it does not matter as we are all the same from the same energy. We are linked to everything in existence all over the universe. The suns, moons, planets, stars, life upon the planets etc. 

Now, some might find this is a woo-woo concept but there is science to back this up but that is not for this time and space to discuss…. haha!

Everything that happens to you in your life was created by you! Yes, EVERYTHING! Each event that you experience was created by you to help prepare you for your life’s journey. 

If you are in a space that makes you feel unhappy or sad, the universe will provide you with events that make you feel that way. The same goes for if you feel great and happy, the universe will provide you with similar events. Let me explain: If you do not have enough money to pay all your bills and you are really worried about them, what happens normally? You get more unpaid bills, right? This is the way the universe rewards your thoughts. The more you worry the more events will come your way to make you worry more.  

The universe also rewards actions. People that sit and do nothing get nothing. If you expend energy you are guaranteed to get a result. If that result is not the desired result you wanted to achieve, then adjust your action and get a new result. If you keep doing this, be assured, you will get to your desired result eventually. 

For us as humans we often get frustrated and upset from events that occur in our live’s and we feel depressed and sorry for ourselves because the result we got was negative or disappointing. In order to move on from your emotions, you need to look towards the universe and take new actions and create new thoughts. You are a creation machine, every minute of every hour of every day.

Now, you ask, How do I do that? Firstly, you need to accept that you created that event or emotion in the deepest of detail. Accept that what happened is now in the past and you cannot do anything to change that. The only thing you can do is ask yourself, What did I do to create this for myself and what can I learn from it? If you can be real with yourself and truly accept the event or emotion, then you will set yourself free to move forward. IF not, you will be stuck in the past and your past will rule your life. Now I ask you, What rules your life, your past or your future. Go read my article about “Living in the NOW” to help with this concept if you struggle with it. 

The next time an event occurs in your life (this is every day) practice the following:

1. Just experience the event. For the first time in your life, just look at the event. 

2. Do not add any emotion to it. Really see it as just an event. 

3. Ask yourself, what must I learn from this and why did I create this for myself?

4. Accept that it is already in your past because by now it is over. 

5. Just move on and keep taking action. 

If you practice the above, you will very soon become less and less emotional about the events in your life. This will give you focus and power to manifest the events you want to create in your life and the universe will reward you accordingly. You must however continue to see it as events and nothing else, however, you will now feel like you are in the driving seat while you create your own life. 


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