So many times in life an opportunity passes us by because we do not know when to grab it hands on. We are in an unconscious state of mind mostly due to the fact that we are living in our heads instead of in the now. Living in the now is another post you can read but this is relevant to saying yes. 

To say “YES” is to commit, to take part, to produce a possible result, to live. All YOU know what to say is “NO” – NO to your kids, NO to your spouse, NO to your colleagues and most of all…. NO to Yourself!

The power of saying YES creates a chemical reaction in the body that makes you feel emotions of satisfaction, completeness and achievement. However, simply saying yes does not produce results, it only sets forth the motion of the human psyche which consist of the conscious and unconscious mind. You still need to get up and expend energy to deliver on your commitment. 

When you deliver on your commitment of saying “YES”, in other words you did what you said you would do, the universe starts a reward program just for you. This is so important to understand – you can read more about this as well in “The physical universe is your Guru” – because this is where your thoughts and actions are rewarded by the universe. 

When you say “YES” to everything in your life, You will feel alive and the blood will pump through your veins like never before. You will have energy and feel alive. People will ask you how do you do it? What is your secret?

When you say “NO” you immediately kill or cut any positive energy flow in your body. Sometimes you have to say NO but that is for protection purposes or for the creation of more time in your life. More about that later….

Play the “Yes Game” with your kids, spouse, friends, etc. When they ask you something, just say “YES” and vice versa. You will create a new flow of energy and your relationships will flourish as a result of this. 


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