Just as important as it may be to say YES for some people, others might find it relevant in their lives to say no. Even for those who are living a fulfilled life because they say YES all the time. But sometimes you just have to say NO.

Saying NO can be liberating, powerful and puts you in control. It gives you a selfish perspective of where or what you want to be or do. It puts you in control of your life. You do not have to commit to actions and hence you can make more time for yourself. 

People who tend to always say yes find themselves in a very difficult spot as they never have time for themselves. Saying YES is great, but to what extend do you do that? The key here is to find the balance where you can say YES when you want to and NO when you want to. 

If you find yourself frustrated, over worked, tired, not wanting to get out of bed, lazy and flustered, then start saying NO to things or people and you will be empowered in ways you never thought possible. 

A lot of the time when we just say YES to everything is because we are always trying to look good. This is a powerful statement and requires us to look inwards because a fundamental aspect of us being human, is to be accepted and loved. Hence we do things that we think make us look good in order to have the acceptance and love we seek. The problem with this is we do not deliver on these YES words we so freely give out and if we do, we feel overwhelmed.  This spirals into a much bigger thing we will discuss and that is keeping our agreements and what happens when we do not. Look out for this very important post….

My life became very workable when I found the balance of knowing when to say YES and when to say NO…. and mean it! I have energy, motivation, time and a sense of completeness. I therefore encourage you to say NO more if this is relevant to you. 


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