If you want to know why your life is not working for you, it is because you do not keep your agreements. Agreements is one of our fundamental operating principals. It is what make us who we are and what people think of us. 

We all make several agreements every day of our lives. To start this topic we must define the word agreement. “Agreement” for all practical purposes is the acceptance of one or more individuals on any matter, motion, physical, mystical, religious, in fact anything can be agreed upon.

Let’s break this down in more simple terms: – If I say the colour of a flower is blue and you agree with me, then we just made an agreement. We will accept this belief (yes we also just created a belief system) and depending on how strong we feel about this belief, we will defend it to the death in some cases.

It used to be that one’s word was one’s bond. Agreements were made and kept with ease. People thought carefully about whether they could deliver on their promises before agreeing to anything. It was that important. Today, keeping one’s agreements seems to be a hit-or-miss affair.

More importantly, every agreement you make is ultimately with yourself. Even when you are making an agreement with someone else, your brain hears it and registers it as a commitment. You are making an agreement with yourself to do something, and when you don’t follow through, you learn to distrust yourself. The result is a loss of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect. You lose faith in your ability to produce a result. You weaken your sense of integrity.

When you break an agreement, let’s use the example of a time agreement you made with someone, you create a negative energy flow into your life. The effect of you not keeping your agreements will block positive energy to flow into your life. You will become heavy, like when you tell a lie. You will experience sadness, unhappiness, unfulfilled, emptiness and guilt (huge amounts of this). You will also be out of integrity and experience many other forms of negative emotions like those mentioned previously. 

The question that arises is then, Why don’t we keep agreements with people or ourselves? We break agreements with ourselves and the people in our lives because we are trying to “look good”. We also tell lies because we are trying to “look good”. This serves you no purpose because it does not have a positive payoff. Life will work for you when you choose for it to. Make a choice!

The ramifications of not keeping your agreement is directly linked to the state of this planet. We are all living in a society of lies, deceit, mistrust, unreliability and withdrawal. We are not willing to stand up and take responsibility, responsibility for our own lives. Our own situation, and this all begins with keeping your agreements. Do what you say you are going to do! 

When you keep your agreements – and I mean every single one of them, your life will work for you. You will feel light, rested, free of worry, energized and worthy. 

We have all had moments where our lives were not working for us. When I started keeping my agreements, my life really started working for me. This meant that I had to say “no” a lot more, but when I say “yes”, you can bet your life on it because it will happen. 

Some of you will have to say NO more often – refer to my blog https://discovertrainings.com/blog/f/just-say-no

And some of you will have to say YES more often – refer to my blog https://discovertrainings.com/blog/f/just-say-yes

There is also a “but what if”. This means what if you realize that you will not be able to keep an agreement you made? The answer to this is actually simple. Just renegotiate your agreement, however, both parties must agree to the new agreement otherwise you are out of integrity. 

Now, go and think before you commit and make a new agreement. But when you do, make sure you keep it!


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