Because of the lockdown and this highly debated Covid-19 virus, we are forced to return to some of our roots as humans. Perhaps, in fact, this was a massive blessing in disguise.


Being forced to stay in one place for a prolonged period of time is like being in a remote place where you are forced to listen to that little voice inside your head. That little voice that talks to all of us every day of our lives.


Living in pre-Corona, we could not be bothered to listen to that voice. We just kept going and pushing. More to do, busier every day. But at what cost to our integrity, our beingness and our physicality. That little inner voice guides us, it is our conscience, our gut feeling, our protector and our truth!


We are used to being so busy that we do not stop to listen to our inner voice and then we want to know why our lives do not work for us anymore. The pace we are forced to live in is simply just to fast. We need time to work things out, to digest the information given and to sleep over it.


It is time you surrender to your inner voice, to slow down and get closer to your inner being. Time to be what we are…. Human Beings. Not robots or slaves to time, working 80 hour weeks, not prisoners of our own desires, but human beings.


What is it to be an authentic human being is the question then?


This is a question that can be asked and has been asked over millennia and continues to be debated to this day. There is a great training by Discover Trainings ( that is set over a weekend where this question is asked and explored. The training is called “Discover Awakening” and is a must if you want your life to be workable.


Being an authentic human being requires some basic foundations. When we are born, many could argue that we are perfect in the form we are meant to be. We only know how to love, how to care, being loved, the absolute truth, to be gentle and ultimately, just to be. We do not care about time, deadlines, pressure, demands, looking good and all that stuff.


Then we grow up. What a disaster. Here we learn the ways of the world. Manipulation, deceit, crookery, lies, looking good, gossip. This list is endless and this is very sad!


We somehow, by growing up, lose our perfection. We succumb to the ways of the people in this world. We are forced to lose our beingness and become something that conforms with the societal creation. A life where we are told to be like this and not like that. A life where some things are ok, and others not. This in itself can be debated as this creates a world where we can live in together, perhaps what we like to refer to, a world without chaos.


Let us pause here for a second and explore this a bit deeper. We seem to think that this world we now created, this way of living with all our rules and opinions and demands, have somehow made us think that this is correct. We believe it makes a world where we can co-exist in an orderly fashion where there is little or no chaos. Right, so, if we had to look at the world we created today, have we really achieved this ideal? I for one do not think so.


Just look at the state of the planet. Look at what people do to each other. Read the news and look at the politicians. You will get sick to your stomach. It is just one big mess. “I am right, you are wrong, so let me f@#k you up”. This is the state of the world today.


Is it important to have rules? Yes, it is. Is it important to have structure? Yes, it is. We simply would not have advanced to where we are as a species if we did not have these structures in place, but my question here is, at what cost to us is the epitome of perfection at birth by just being human?


Our integrity has been compromised from the day we are born. Most of the world does not know what it is to be in a complete state of integrity. I bet you, you do not know what this means?


To be in integrity is a very difficult place to be in. It requires massive commitments. We explore this in our training and we invite you to come and explore this with us. It will blow your mind. ( – “Discover Awakening”


Simply stated, If you think someone is beautiful, then your actions and words must be in alignment with your thoughts. If you make and agreement with someone or yourself and you do not honour that agreement, then you are out of integrity. You have no idea the damage you cause in your life and in your universe when you are out of integrity.


The sheer emotional burden and weight you carry unconsciously are tremendous. Until you make that right and get back into your integrity, you will suffer.


So what does all this have to do with a new beginning? EVERYTHING, I tell you, EVERYTHING.


If we do not start now to realign ourselves with our integrity, our agreements and our beingness, then we will continue to suffer. Suffer from all the ways of the world and be controlled by how me must be, how we must live and how me must think.


Let’s get back to being connected with the earth, being one with nature and to care about each other. Surely, this is part of the perfection we were born from. Just to love and be loved.


There is a tremendous power in always looking for the good in everything. You were born with it, it is free, you do not have to work for it, you do not have to ask for it. It is yours and it is your ability to choose.


You can choose to love or you can choose to hate. You can choose to give or choose to take. You can choose, yes, the choice is yours. You were born perfect, now choose how you want to live. You have a chance to begin over and make a difference in this world and in your life.

Thank you, Covid-19, for giving me a new beginning!

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